About us

Soil Best has been founded by Dr. Ir. Jacqueline Baar and is a follow-up to the earlier work on the development and application of mycorrhizal fungi. Soil Best is focussing to improve soil quality and soil fertility based on the combination of physical, chemical and biological components of the soil.


Soil Best offers customers a sustainable and cost-effective approach and/or cultivation strategy. This is based on the replacement of artificial fertilizers and pesticides with products containing beneficial soil organisms or with products stimulating soil organisms. In addition, nutrients are released from the soil: natural fertilization, and the resistance against diseases and pests is increased: natural resilience.

Soil Best is an international player in sustainable soil improvement and specialized in the biological components of the soil. Soil Best is constantly working on the development of novel sustainable products. By this approach, Soil Best focuses primarily on soil organisms that are functional, but have received limited attention until now.

A custom made approach

Soil Best is based on tailor-made advise. Personal contact and customized advise are important for Soil Best. Soil Best is willing to support the advise by analyzing the soil. By performing analyzes of the physical, chemical and biological components of the soil, it is possible to provide the most appropriate advise with the most suitable measures and products. Soil Best includes in her advising novel developed products.

Soil Best strives for a long-term effect of its advise. That is why Soil Best offers aftercare based on soil research. The aftercare is offered by Soil Best to make the soil improvement as successful as possible.

We are looking forward to collaborate with you!