The advising of Soil Best is based on soil research. Soil Best offers various soil analyses, which are shown on this website.

Soil Best has its own laboratory with equipment for processing soil samples and performing analyses. The results of the analyses are processed by Soil Best. A practical advice with sustainable measures is provided based on the results.

Analysis for soil fungi and soil bacteria

Numerous soil fungi and bacteria occur in the soil.

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Analysis for spores of soil fungi

Spores of soil fungi are present in the soil before they grow out to fungal hyphae.

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Soil analysis 1

With this analysis of the soil, the pH, the EC, the organic matter content and the moisture content of the soil are determined.

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Soil analysis expanded

Soil Best can take care of a comprehensive soil analysis.

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Soil analysis Garden

The soil analysis Garden gives an indication of the root biology, the occurrence of pathogenic fungi around and in plant roots and soil pH

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Earthworm analysis

Earthworms play a major role in decomposing soil litter.

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